I had the honor of working on the creation of Smart Contracts when I was employed by this organization, which included testing, quality assurance, and audits. I implemented these contracts on both the Testnet and the Mainnet, and I am very happy of the modified MultiOwner 2/3 and external signature validation that I developed.

You can view some of my successful Smart Contract deployments at: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xcF06A29C07a1CD8f232C9Ad3e3FFcF1feDA4cee5 https://polygonscan.com/token/0xF57F3A0b3415cC2daE6b3A3c4Fd3FC58626bE16E

In addition to working with smart contracts, I also concentrated on front-end programming using REACT.JS and built PHP APIs utilizing Amazon as the backbone for all services.

The development of a framework for NFT minting and capsule opening is among my proudest accomplishments (NFT burning). It was a semi-decentralized system with an administration panel, a multi-owner system with pre-authorization, an API manager for the Smart Contract, and other features. I also had the chance to use C# and Unity to help the game development team.